Dubai is the 21st century global city where East meets West and tourism meets commerce. One-third of the Earth’s population is just a four-hour flight away from Dubai. Thanks to growing trade and tourism, Dubai has become the fifth-highest performing metropolitan global economy.

The city’s thriving international business community, along with its tax-free status, climate and lifestyle benefits, has driven expat numbers. Should the current rate of population growth continue in Dubai, almost four million people will be searching for accommodation in the city by 2023.


Hosting Expo 2020 will bring 25 million visitors to Dubai, creating 277,000 new jobs. The property markets of previous host cities have historically experienced significant capital growth as a direct result of the Expo. Experts are confident that, for Dubai, the city’s most popular districts will see immediate growth of 35-50% as a direct result of Expo 2020.

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The Burj
Khalifa District

Iconic landmarks. Exclusive hotels and restaurants. The centre of the city. Marquise Square is in the most sought-after area of Dubai – the Burj Khalifa District.

It’s a location that combines the city’s highest capital growth with its highest yields.

The Burj Khalifa District is also a location at the very heart of Dubai’s future.

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top investment

Minutes to the north is the thriving workforce of Downtown and DIFC, a 110-acre territory that’s one of most integral business centres in the entire GCC region. As a result, this area commands some of Dubai’s highest rental premiums. Marquise Square is also situated close to the waterfront living of Business Bay, an area that’s seen a 60%-100% increase in land values in the past five years. This exciting district is expected to see far greater gains in the coming years thanks to the new Dubai Water Canal project.

An address at
the heart of
Dubai’s future

Marquise Square is situated in the Burj Khalifa District, just minutes away from the Dubai Water Canal. Currently this remarkable development connects the waterway of Dubai Creek with the Arabian Gulf. The Canal surely turns parts of Dubai into a Manhattan-style island and its channel will be lined with restaurants, retail outlets and entertainment facilities for residents and visitors to relish. Berthing facilities offer a lively dwelling for the region’s yachts and public water transport, helping to re-create the kind of accomplishments enjoyed in Dubai Marina.

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The Burj Khalifa is the tallest building in the world. A phenomenal 167 floors, the tower attracts close to two million local and international visitors every year. Set behind the awe-inspiring Dubai Fountain and the 12 million square feet Dubai Mall, the area is truly the heartbeat of the city. Famous for the abundant cafes, bars and luxury retail outlets which line its walkways, the Burj Khalifa District is also home to some of the world’s most sought after hotels including The Address, The Palace Downtown and the exclusive Armani Hotel & Spa.

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